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Sonal Chowdhary is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant based in Mumbai with specialization in weight management, sports and clinical nutrition. She is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach from Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education, Richboro, PA USA. She is also an exercise prescriptions from American College of Sports Medicine approved Exercise Science Academy. She takes an integrative approach to wellness, and consults her clients through her website has a comprehensive focus on nutrition, emotional balance and creates customized wellness plans that work for her clients’ lifestyles.

Diet Plan Weight Loss

She prides herself in providing programs designed according to healthy weight-loss exercises. Her staff Weight loss Solutions provide to clients with professional counselling and behaviour adaptation. This is not just another diet. She provide tools for your lifestyle change to safeguard customer's future health and well-being.
Sonal Chowdhary
Sonal Chowdhary

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculate

  • Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. But very of them know the proper method to be like this. Most of them are unaware about their weight, height etc. But if they start using of BMI calculator then their problem will be solved. Some people always face obesity problem. They don’t know at their age what type of diet chart they should follow. Some people are always underweight. They don’t know what type of foods they should eat. Through this calculator, people can get an idea what’s going on in their body and lacking of their body. There are lots of people are suffering various diseases due to underweight, over weight and other reasons.
  • BMI calculator is a measurement process of body mass index. It is defined as the body mass and divided by the square of the body height. It is an effort to quantify the amount of tissue mass. It is cauterized that the person is under weight, overweight, normal weight or obesity.

A Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Cleanse Expert
A Nutritionist sonal Chowdhary plays an important role when her clients facing problems such as Poor digestion, unbalanced blood sugar/weight & stress. as a personal nutritionist she will overcome her clients health issue by put on the right program, health goals become obtainable and customer can get back to feeling good again.
A Well nourished children and student higher test marks, attendance of school, boost concentration and classroom behaviour.children's those are physically and mentally fit they can face or encounter emotional and physical challenges by child nutrition.
She creates nutritional programs based on the health needs of patients or residents and consults patients on how to lead a healthier lifestyle by clinical is a medical nutrition therapy.

An Expert Dietician

Fresh Start Consultation
  • As an expert dietician she received her training from Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education, Richboro, PA USA. It was here that she first witnessed how powerful nutrition was in moderating addiction and brain chemistry. Her client cleared up her food-derived depression in few weeks!
  • Because of the swift proceeds in tech world, extra and more dieticians are subdividing out of the traditional office and clinical position and are offering virtual nutrition counseling services remotely. as an online dietician she is counselling clients via cell phone and the Internet, meeting them in local coffee shops and other public venues, and even making house calls. if anyone facing problems related of obesity, stress etc. and need a dietician then they can contact or visit her website www.sonal

A Fresh Approach To Health & Life

Cancer Diet

Cancer Diet

What You Get..

People often query whether what they consume can diminish their risk of the cancer coming back. There is few early

Sonal Chowdhary

Weight Loss

(Diet Plan)

Sonal Chowdhary diet plans and support to assist the customers manage their weight

Sonal Chowdhary

Pregnancy Diet

Get all of the benefits

That based on what pregnant women were eating before! If she already eat healthily, she may only need to make

Sonal Chowdhary


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